Sunday, 18 March 2012

Getting and Viewing Email Bounce Information

SNB Apps Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce lets you retrieve campaign results (email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes) from Campaign Monitor and view them in your Salesforce app. Not only that, but now you can also retrieve email bounce information from Campaign Monitor and view it in SalesforceBefore you proceed, you must have installed the latest version of the Connector in your Salesforce org.

Configuring Campaign Page Layout for ecmCampaign Record Type

The package installation creates a page layout in the Campaign object called ecmCampaignLayout, which is used for all the Campaign records created by Campaign Monitor email campaigns through our connector. If you installed the latest version of theconnector, typically you do not need to do any further configuration on the Campaign page layout. However, if you already had installed an older version of the connector your page layout may be outdated and you may want to update the ecmCampaignLayout page layout to include the Get Bounces button and the Bounces related list. The following figure shows how the latest version of ecmCampaignLayout should look:

Retrieving Email Bounces from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce 

Now navigate to the detail page of the campaign for which you wish to retrieve the Bounce information from Campaign Monitor. Then click the Get Bounces button. The email bounce information will be populated in the Bounces related list. 

You can also view the retrieved data by navigating to a contact or lead detail page as follows:

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