Saturday, 28 April 2012

Integrating Salesforce Campaign Members with Campaign Monitor Recipients

The latest release of SNB Apps Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce supports the integration between Campaign Monitor's recipient activity data and Salesforce Campaign Member standard object. This enables your Salesforce users to view all the campaign result data in one consolidated place (Campaign and Campaign Member/Campaign History), and you can seamlessly use the Campaign Monitor data as with any other campaign data in Salesforce, such as various Campaign reports.

Before you proceed, you must have installed the latest version of the Connector in your Salesforce org.

Let's say I just sent out my November Newsletter through Campaign Monitor. The Connector will create a Salesforce campaign record that is linked to this November Newsletter campaign in Campaign Monitor, when you click the Refresh Email Campaigns link in the Email Campaign Utility box.

This will create a campaign called "November Newsletter" in Salesforce. As you see below, the first time it is created, the campaign does not have any campaign members in it:

Now click the Get All Members button. The recipient data will be retrieved from Campaign Monitor, the Campaign Members related list will be populated, and those member records will be automatically associated with your existing contact and lead records.  

Note: If you upgrade from an older version of the Connector, you may not see some of the buttons and fields in your campaign page. In this case please modify your relevant campaign page layout so it looks similar to the above screenshot. The buttons and fields should be available in the edit mode of the page layout if you upgraded the Connector package - They are simply not taken out to your current page layout.

In this example, the campaign has been sent to 4 emails. A warning message is shown for one email that does not exist in this Salesforce, for which the Connector does not create a campaign member record. The rest of 3 recipients, the Connector creates campaign member records and associates them with appropriate contact or lead records as shown above.

Now let's say some of the recipients of this newsletter open the email and click some of the links in the email. The Connector can retrieve this information when you click the Get Member Activities button.

The top of the screen will show messages for the results, including the errors if any.

Note: You can also retrieve email open and click information for recently sent campaigns automatically by scheduled the job. Please refer to our blog post at, if you want to set this up.

Since these opens and clicks data are stored in the Campaign Member object, all the recipient activities can be displayed on a relevant contact or lead record. In the below screenshot, you can see the contact’s full campaign history with various opens and clicks activities.

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