Thursday, 3 May 2012

Salesforce Professional Edition + Campaign Monitor

A lot of companies use Salesforce Professional Edition (or PE, as opposed to Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition) and they want to integrate their Salesforce app with Campaign Monitor. This has been not easy because Salesforce PE does not support any of development capabilities (such as API and Apex) and other advanced functionality.

Until now. We have just released a new edition of our Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce PE, which now supports all the major functionality required for the integration between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor.

If you haven't already done so, please install our Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce PE in your Salesforce org. You must have appropriate system privileges to install and configure for the Connector. If you are a System Administrator for your Salesforce org, you're good to go.

The tasks for the installation and configuration require some knowledge on Salesforce administration. The post-installation configuration tasks are documented in the Installation and Configuration Guide. The installation and the configuration procedures for PE are almost identical to the original version of the Connector, except:

Configuring Campaign Record Type and Page Layout Assignment

Salesforce Professional Edition has only page layout per any object (e.g. Campaign, Contact, Lead etc) for all the users in the org. Hence there is no multiple page layouts for various "Record Types" in an object. Our original Connector creates a special Record Type for all the campaign records that are created and linked to the Campaign Monitor campaigns and assigns a optimized Page Layout to that Record Type. So for your PE Salesforce org, you will need to modify your one and only Campaign page layout to include the highlighted Connector components as below:

A lot of drags-and-drops, eh? But as a Salesforce person, you should be used to it already. One thing to note here is that all the custom fields that are used by the Connector are set to read-only. (Notice the lock icon on the left of each field?)  It is because these fields should only be updated by the Connector and not by your end users.

Controlling End User Access and Permissions

You perhaps already noticed, you should remove the New buttons from the Unsubscribes and Bounces related lists to prevent your users from trying to create any unsubscribe or bounce records manually.

Since you are using Professional Edition, you do not have many security related features Enterprise Edition provides, such as Sharing Rules, Field-Level Security, Profile-based access control, etc. That's why it is important to set the fields read-only in the page layout as above. Also, in order to minimize the accidental updates of the Campaign Monitor-related data by end users, you may want to change the Sharing Settings of the custom objects that come with our package, List Subscription and Subscriber List to Read Only:

One of the major difference between Salesforce EE/UE and PE is Workflow. The Connector has an automatic email notification for Unsubscribes, which utilizes Salesforce Workflow -- hence this functionality is not available in Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce PE. Also, as PE does not support Scheduled Apex, you will not be able to schedule any automatic refreshes for Campaign Monitor data.

What can my users do in Salesforce with this Connector?

The functionality we provide with the PE version of our connector is pretty much the same as with the original version Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited Editions:
  • Adding a contact/lead to a subscriber list
  • Unsubscribing a contact/lead from a subscriber list
  • Adding multiple contacts/leads to a subscriber list using a list view
  • Synchronizing subscribers for a subscriber list
  • Retrieving data for recently sent campaigns from Campaign Monitor
  • Retrieving campaign summary info for a campaign
  • Retrieving campaign members (recipients) from Campaign Monitor
  • Retrieving email open & click info for a campaign
  • Retrieving campaign unsubscribes
  • Retrieving email bounces
For more details on how to use our Connector, please check out our User Guide or other posts in our blog!

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