Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Managing Subscribers in Salesforce

Once you installed and configured SNB Apps Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce, you can let your Salesforce users, not only Marketing users but also Sales users if you like, manage their customers' (contacts or leads) list subscriptions within the Salesforce application.

Adding Contacts or Leads to Subscriber List 

First your Salesforce user may want to add a lead or a contact to a specific subscriber list. The Add to Subscriber List button on the detail page of the contact/lead will do this job:

What if you want to subscribe multiple people at one go?  Our Connector includes the Add to Subscriber List button for various list view UI options so you can do this:

You don't see these buttons?  Then you'll have to ask your Salesforce administrator. It can be done from Setup > [Lead/Contact/Account] > Search Layouts.

Deleting and Unsubscribing Contacts/Leads from Subscriber List 

What if your Salesforce user have to delete or unsubscribe a contact or lead?  This can be done from the List Subscriptions related list from the contact/lead detail page:

One thing to note is that your users should not directly update or delete the List Subscription records. For example, updating the Subscriber State field value or deleting a list subscription record itself will not make any changes in Campaign Monitor. To prevent this misuse or misunderstanding, it is a best practice to set the List Subscription object read-only for your end users' profiles.

If you either delete or unsubscribe a lead/contact, you will notice now that the Subscribe State has changed to Deleted or Unsubscribed, and that the name of the List Action link for the subscription record has changed to Resubscribe. As the name suggests, you can use this link to resubscribe the contact or lead to the list.

For more details on how to manage subscribers in Salesforce using our Connector, please check out our User Guide.

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